Goings on in The Nation

Withpapieditsept2006_2 Hey, congrats to David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez on their Silver Sluggers!  Manny’s ninth and Papi’s 3rd.  I’m very proud.  Awards well-deserved.

Keith Foulke filed for free agency, declining his option with the Red Sox – which came as no surprise to anyone.  I’m surprisingly a little sad about it.  I think it’s the right move (for the team, anyway…I’m not sure Foulke is going to get a better offer) but there is certainly a little bit of sentimentality there because of 2004.  I wish him a lot of luck.

Now, Theo, go get us a closer!

(And, there you have the photo of me and Big Papi.  It cracks me up that they caught me in the one moment my mouth was closed…funny how cameras work that way.  So, although I look stunned, I was thrilled.  And Papi was great!)

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