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I need to vent.  I’ve been sick pretty much all week, and home from work the better part of it.  Wrapped up in bed with the television on for company.  Apparently, I watch a lot of NBC, because I kept hearing (and finally SEEING) the commercial for Sunday night’s Patriots/Colts game.  The ‘theme’ of the commercial?  "Who is the better quarterback, Manning or Brady?  The winner will be decided Sunday night!".

Now, admittedly, I don’t follow football as closely as I do baseball, but I pay attention.  And I do watch the Patriots.  SO where does NBC get off?  Let’s see, Manning and Brady have faced each other 7 times (yes, I had to look it up).  Guess how many times Brady and the Patriots have beaten Manning and the Colts? 


Coupled with the three Super Bowl rings Brady has to Manning’s…oh, wait, Manning doesn’t have any Super Bowl rings…

Manning is obviously a good quarterback.  He’s broken all kinds of records and seems to know what he’s doing out there.  Except when he’s playing Brady and the Patriots.  So if they were touting just generally ‘who do we think is the best quarterback’, that would make more sense to me.  But it kills me that every time the Pats play the Colts the question becomes "Who will be the best…Brady or Manning" when historically that has pretty much already been decided.  Head to head, Manning seems to choke and Brady steps it up.  It cracks me up that NBC thinks one game on a Sunday night will decide who the BEST really is.

And, yes, I know they’re only doing it to get people to watch the game.  But Colts fans and Pats fans WILL be watching the game.  As will any football fan wanting to watch either Manning or Brady go ‘down’ (my money is on Archie’s little boy).  I guess NBC’s hype machine is run by the same folks who handle Fox Sports’.

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