Raining on Thursday

Well, hopefully they’ll get this game in tonight.  I mean, we can only hold out anticipation for so long during a series that isn’t all that exciting.  I don’t mean that as an insult to either team, and I’m happy about the way things stand in the series, but the most exciting thing that has gone on has been Kenny Rogers and his pine tar.  So getting these games in will benefit everyone, right?

I’ve written this before…I started this blog for me.  And, I’ll admit, I amuse the hell out of myself.  But sometime near the end of last season, I started getting emails from folks when I didn’t post for a few days.  One person actually wrote me, taking me to task by writing "You have a audience that you’re responsible to and you should respect that".  So I made a better effort to post more often, because I truly appreciate the good people who take time out of their day to visit my blog, and then I noticed traffic picked up and in February I started tracking that.  I get a lot of comments during the season, but that doesn’t even cover the traffic I get.  Again, thanks so much for coming to visit folks.  It means a lot.

Anyway, my rambling point being, sometimes I focus too much on making sure I get something out than I do writing the way I want to.  One of the things I do for myself, but that folks seem to enjoy, is the live blogging.  Again I admit to amusing the heck out of myself.  There are other things I’ve done with the blog that I enjoy too…so I guess what I’m saying is there will probably be more things here that I write for me.  Some ‘flashback’ type posts…posts about my favorite players.  The off-season seems to be a really good time for that stuff.

Having written that…I’ve decided to entertain myself, yet again, with another live blog.  Hey, we have only so many baseball games left, I have to get in what I can.  Besides, how can I resist the Joe and Tim show again – especially in the rain?

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