Manny and Kevin – together again?

Kevinwithmannygame3ws_2Kellia brings up some good questions in the comments section of the previous post, so I decided to re-post them here.

Been hearing a lot about Kevin Millar eyeing a return to Boston as a bat off the bench and a presence to re-energize a flat Red Sox clubhouse.
— Boston Globe

What do you folks think of
a) the likelihood and
b) the adviseability of such a move and…

if it happens, does that mean Manny stays?

And on the subject of Manny, what do you think of the possibility that he goes to Philly to be Ryan Howard’s protection, or the Angels to back up Vlad?

To start with Kevin, to me it’s a no-brainer.  He’ll be inexpensive and if he is WILLING to be a bench guy…if he comes into this KNOWING he isn’t the number 1 first baseman…there’s no reason NOT to bring him in.  He has a decent bat…his defense was  never as bad as people tried to make it out to be, and I absolutely believe that NOT having someone like him in the clubhouse this year to say ‘so what we lost five to the Yankees, we can come back from this’ affected the attitude of the clubhouse.  Maybe professionals shouldn’t need that kind of influence around them, but it OBVIOUSLY works…at least in Millar’s case it does.  I would be beyond thrilled if this actually came to be.

And I believe Manny is staying anyway, but having Millar around certainly would make it easier for the rest of the team when it came to Manny.  Probably for Tito and the press as well.

And regarding Manny, as I wrote, I think he’s staying.  But, if I’m wrong, I have a very difficult time believing the Sox would trade him to an American League team.  Again, I know I could be totally off here, but it would be hard enough to have to trade the guy, why trade him to a team you’ll be facing more than a few times during the regular season?

And, for the record, not only do I think Manny is staying, I want him to stay.

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