Congratulations to Papi and Manny

They were voted, for the second year in a row, to the Sporting News American League All-Stars.  According to Ian Browne, they are the only players on the American League team to be voted to the team two consecutive years.

Congratulations, also, to the Detroit Tigers.  Taking two in Oakland is huge.  If they win the next one, we’ll be hearing all about the 2004 Red Sox again.  I hope, this time, there is no magic comeback in store.

I haven’t decided what i think of the coverage ESPN and CNN afforded Cory Lidle’s death.  I think it could have been handled differently.  To hear that his father found out from watching television shakes me to the bone.  No one should hear something about someone they love that way.  I know news is  news, but the Mayor of New York had the tact, respect and good sense to not name names…others should have done the same. 

Back at work for me today, try and have a good day, folks.

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