Live Blogging the Tigers Game

Well, I promised some folks I’d live blog tonight…and then got home just as the game was starting!  (Hey, I thought it was on Fox…I’d be early if it was!)

So here goes:

8:11 – Johnny Damon is already out with Captain Intangibles up at bat.  I missed the pre-game stuff, but Jon Miller has already mentioned Kenny Rogers and his poor post-season record.

8:12 – Where the hell were the Tigers for that double Jeter just hit?

8:13 – Jon Miller tells me that Jeter is 7-10 in this series thus far.  Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Arod.

8:16 – Granderson catches out number two, much to the surprise of Jon Miller.  Here comes Slappy.

8:16b – And there goes Slappy, right back to the dugout.  Actually, the field…Tigers coming up.

8:19 – Jon Miller tells me that Randy Johnson ‘had an epidural’.  Oh he must feel GREAT.

8:20 – Polanco starts off with a base hit…I see bad things in RJ’s future…

8:21 – There is a fly as big as a car buzzing around my head right now…where the hell is the cat?

8:21b – Craig Monroe is toying with The Big Unit with his 2-2 count.

8:23 – Johnson is throwing 98…I think my conspiracy theory the other night is right on…he isn’t hurt, he’s just looking for his own ‘bloody sock’ moment.  Monroe is out with Thames up and ESPN tells us that Thames first at bat was against Johnson and was a homerun.  Let’s do it again, Marcus!

8:25 – Or you can strike out.  Whatever works for you.

8:26 – Yankees get the force out.  Jon Miller gets very excited.  No score after 1.

8:29 – HGHiambi is up.  And he’s out.  Nicely done, Magglio.

8:30 – Ernie Harwell is going to join Joe and Jon in the booth.  Aren’t they afraid he’ll make them look bad?

8:32 – Sid the Sloth hits a one-out single and I realize I haven’t added any photos to this post.  Matsui is up and Rogers looks  like he wants to punch him.

8:33 – I am hesitant to write that Kenny Rogers doesn’t look so bad…

8:34 – It is driving Jon Miller crazy that he doesn’t know why Gary Sheffield was taken out of the lineup.  I hope he never finds out why…even though Joe Morgan is trying to explain it to him.

8:34 – Matsui has take two major swings that haven’t come close to connecting.  Tigers fans are very happy…especially since strike three caught Matsui looking.

8:35 – And with one pitch, Rogers ends the inning.  Yee-haw.

8:38 – Carlos Guillen gets a hit and brings up Pudge Rodriguez.  Which gives Jon Miller a chance to compare him to ARod, you know, since they have the same last name.

8:44 – Live blogging works only if you actually blog live, eh?   Pudge hits a single that moves Guillen to third…and Sean Casey knocks Guillen in.  Pudge ends up on third even though Abreu’s throw (according to Joe Morgan) ‘clearly beats him’.   1-0 Tigers.

8:45 – Joe and  Jon will take this time to beat the hell out of ARod for not making the tag.

8:48 – RJ gets Inge out on strikes.  One out, men on first and third.

8:49 – Truly great feed by Cano to get the out at second, but they can’t complete the double play so Pudge scores.  2-0 Tigers.  Very nice.

8:51 – Joe Morgan and Jon Miller both say ARod tagged him.  It is a little tough to watch the game and live blog on the tv that isn’t connected to a dvr and I keep missing the replay…

8:52 – They had Granderson dead to rights and Giambi couldn’t throw him out.  Granderson is on second.  Nice work, Curtis. 

8:52b – And it proves to be costly…Granderson just scored on Polanco’s base hit.

8:54 – Craig Monroe flies out to Matsui.  3-0 Tigers at the end of 2.

8:58 – I get distracted when they bring someone in the booth to talk over the game.  Robinson Cano gets a single, though.  I can see that.

8:59 – Read a live blog this afternoon at Deadspin where the guy blogging (Will) shut the volume off and listened to his iPod while he watched the muted game.  I think I like that idea.  I’m not doing it…but I like the idea.

9:00 – "Wa-hoo, he has a broken bat!", my five year-old niece just yells.  Yes, and he also has an out.  Sit down, Johnny.

9:03 – Cano is still on first.  Just killing time.

9:04 – I’m pretty sure no one in the booth knows what the hell is going on.

9:05 – One out, one on…because if you’re blind and watching listening to the game right now you probably have no clue what is happening.

9:06 – Why didn’t Jeter pump his fist?  It isn’t every day he hits into a double-play.  Still 3-0.

9:09 – I’m a little bummed about the Twins being out of the playoffs already.  Thames gets the first out, by the way.  Ernie Harwell must be 129 and he still sounds better than Miller and Morgan.  Actually, I really like his voice. 

9:10 – The world tries to convince me I should like Vin Scully.  I just don’t.  Okay, to say I DON’T is too strong.  But the man lulls me to sleep.  But I’m enjoying Harwell’s voice.  ARod throws out Magglio Ordonez and we have 2 outs.

9:12 – Did we really need to see Reggie Jackson sucking down sunflower seeds?  1-2-3 inning…Tigers still winning 3-0 at the end of 3.

9:19 – Whoops.  Real life gets in the way of the live blog again.  Abreu walks and ARod flies out. 

9:21 – Rogers strikes out HGHiambi.  Caught him looking.  Why hasn’t Joe Morgan talked about how this Yankee team is the greatest ever in MLB tonight?

9:22 – I speak too soon.  Joe seems to think they’ve planned this so they can ‘come back’.

9:24 – End of the fourth, courtesy of Jorge.  They are chanting "Yankees ****" in Detroit.  This almost surprises me.  I’m so naive.

9:27 – Pudge Rodriguez is up and they’re still letting Ernie Harwell call the game.  God must like me tonight.

9:29 – Harwell says that Pudge is out for "excessive window shopping".  Gotta love it.

9:30 – Two out, no one on.  Oh, man, Ernie Harwell just asked Joe Morgan about the MVP.  Joe says no one can argue that Jeter is the MVP.  Stunning.

9:32 – End  of 4, still Tigers up 3-0 and Ernie Harwell is leaving the booth.  Bummer.

9:35 – Someone has a sign that reads "I was there in 1968".  Heck, I was BORN in 1968…

9:36 – Matsui smashes a double past Granderson…dang.

9:38 – Cano hits a foul ball that practically gives Jon Miller an 0rgasm.  Joe Miller reminds us yet again that with ONE GOOD SWING the Yankees are back in the game.  Kind of works both ways, doesn’t it, Joe?

9:40 – "Bernie Williams swung at ball four" whines Jon Miller.  Yep.  Yep he did.

9:43 – The Tigers fans are really quite loud tonight.  One out, Matsui on second and Cano just struck out swinging with Johnny Damon on deck.

9:44 – So much for Matsui’s double.  Johnny is thrown out.  Hey, they’re going to interview Joe Torre next inning.  Listen for Joe Morgan telling us that Joe doesn’t have to do this, he’s doing it because he’s such a great guy.

9:46 – Not to defend Torre, but what manager really wants to do this?  They’re losing…who the hell wants to talk to Joe and Jon?  Ah, Jon got his question about Sheffield into Joe Torre.  He’s waited almost two hours to get his answer.  Jon is a patient man.

9:48 – Curtis Granderson is out and most Detroit fans are probably replying "duh".

9:49 – Joe Morgan says something that makes sense!  He said that RJ has kept the Yankees in the game.  He has.  Joe Morgan now repeats the "The Yankees are one swing away from changing this ball game".  So I take my compliment back.  Joe Morgan is still annoying.  Kenny Rogers has given up 4 hits in five innings, along with 1 walk and 4 strikeouts, yet Joe Morgan is convinced the Yankees are going to be leading soon, just because they’re the Yankees.

9:51 – That ball was fair and they called it foul and messed up both the Yankees and the Tigers.  Jim Leyland comes out to complain, but nothing comes of it so Polanco has a 3-2 count.  This is a good time for a homerun.

9:52 – Or a walk.  Tim McCarver says a walk is as good as a homerun.

10:45 – After some glitches with…back to liveblogging.  6-0 Tigers in the top of the 8th with one out and Jeter with a full count.  Rogers is still in there, God love him.  🙂

10:47 – After actually striking him out, but it being called a ball, Rogers walks Jeter and Jim Leyland is taking him out.  Too bad…but Rogers pitched a hell of a game.  Okay, scratch that…Leyland is leaving him in.  All right, Kenny…end this inning, baby!

10:50 – Okay folks, show me a replay because Abreu’s strike three looked like a ball to me.  Kenny Rogers leaves the mound to cheers and tips his hat.  Well-deserved for the cranky, camera-hater.  Two outs with one on and ARod coming up.

10:53 – They show Rogers going into the clubhouse and Joe Morgan says that we might ask where he’s going and he’s probably going for ice.  I always think the pitcher is going to the bathroom.  So much for where MY head is, eh?

10:53b – ESPN is clocking Zumaya (sp?) at 102 mph…a ball and a strike to ARod.  ARod flies out to Magglio to end the inning.  Good thing they aren’t in New York, huh?

10:54 – 6-0 Tigers going to the bottom of the 8th.

10:58 – I was about to write how I think Ron Vallone is a work horse and don’t dislike him all that much, when Magglio gets his first hit of the night off of him.

10:59 – Joe Morgan still doesn’t want us to count out the Yankees.  This is killing him, I think.

11:01 – "They’ve scored some runs and bunched some hits together", Jon Miller says of the Tigers.  They’ve scored six freaking runs, Jon and ‘bunched’ ten freaking hits.  Give them a little credit.

11:01b – Holy cow.  Joe Morgan just said it is ‘still early’.  Meaning, it is still early enough that the Yankees could win this game.  Bottom of the eighth and Joe Morgan thinks that it is ‘too early’.  Do these men never tire of oral servicing the Yankees?  Ever?

11:02 – Pudge walks after Guillen struck out.  One out, two on and Sean Casey is up.

11:05 – Casey moves the runners up, which brings up Brandon Inge.  My father can’t stand Inge, although I’ve yet to find out why.  So, of course, every time I see Inge, I think of my dad.

11:06 – Having to admit my hypocrisy here.  It’s absolutely killing me that I’m HAPPY for Kenny Rogers.

11:07 – Inning is over, Yankees have 3 last outs to look forward to.  6-0 Tigers.

11:08 – "While lawyers have a right to defend cop-killers, do we really want one as our Governor?" asks Kerry Healey in her newest ad.  Kerry Healey has become so utterly annoying that they could run the actual cop-killer against her and I might vote for him.  Sorry…that’s my political rant for the night.

11:10 – Do you pronounce umpire Ed Montague’s name "Montahue"?  Somehow, I don’t think so, Joe.  If he’s your "good friend"  you might know that.  (Of course, I could be totally wrong.)

11:11 – Todd Jones succeeds in getting HGHiambi out.  1 down, baby. 

11:11b – Hey, Kenny Rogers gets the Chevrolet Player of the Game.  Very nice.

11:12 – Jorge makes the second out and ARod thanks God he isn’t up next.

11:13 – Joe Morgan, seriously, let Detroit celebrate winning two out of three games thus far.  Stop sticking your nose up the **** of the Yankees long enough to acknowledge that the Yankees aren’t the only team in this series worthy of winning it.

11:14 – On a Matsui strikeout, Todd Jones finishes Kenny Rogers beautiful game.  Nice work, Tigers.

11:15 – Your final score 6-0 Tigers, Tigers up in the ALDS, 2-1.

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