On a more serious note

Ever since I started the K Cancer project for Jon Lester, I’ve been contacted by so many people affected by cancer.  Too many.  Prior to Jon being diagnosed, someone very close to me was diagnosed with the same cancer as Jon’s.  Just yesterday, a friend of mine, the husband of a good friend of mine, was diagnosed with another form of cancer.  It just seems to be everywhere.  I mean, I knew that.  I’ve lost a loved one this year to cancer, and have lost loved ones in the past.  I know too many people who have had cancer or know someone who had it.  So it isn’t as if I’m naive about it.  It just seems that it’s so prevalent right now.  Maybe it’s because I’m older and pay more attention to these things.

Baseball is a great distraction…so that’s why I got so involved in the live blog tonight.  It helps make the real world go away for an hour or two (or in the case of Yankees games, three or four hours).  That’s probably why the Yankees winning tonight bugged me but not as much as it should have.  🙂   

I’ve been spending a lot of time praying lately.  For my uncle, for Jon and now for Steve.  And I ask, if you’re the praying kind, for you to keep them in your prayers as well.

For those nice enough to ask…I intend on keeping the blog going during the off-season, just as I did last year.  Man, between these playoffs and the Red Sox hot stove…it’s going to be a fun diversion!

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