Live Blogging?

I had considered live blogging the Yankees/Tigers game again tonight, but two things made me change my mind.  The rain delay…I’m not live blogging until  midnight…and ESPN’s ball washing of the Yankees.  Two minutes into the broadcast and this Yankee team is suddenly the best team in the history of baseball.  Spare me.

Ah, and two minutes into the broadcast and Joe Morgan already had his first idiotic moment, calling Justin Verlander "Jason".  The man gets paid for this.

Why don’t they just start the game and play until it rains?  What is the point of delaying the game when it ISN’T raining?

They’ve already mentioned about four times that Joe Morgan was at Shea today and amazingly is now at Yankee Stadium.  I’m impressed if he went from, say Atlanta to New York in one day…but Queens to the Bronx?  This is 2006, folks, that isn’t such a tough trip.

The Dodgers gave it a go today and came up short.  And now the Twins are two down to the As…the results might not be what I really wanted thus far, but the games certainly have been entertaining.

I don’t often pimp other blogs, but my friend Kelly is keeping track of all the ex-Red Sox players in the playoffs right now.  Check out the stats – it’s fun reading!

Hey, it is  now POURING in New York.  Gonna be a long night there…ESPN must be freaking out.

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