One Day More

HomegameLast game of the season at Fenway.  I’ve been lucky to have been able to see all three of these games.  Last night I saw Manny hit another homerun, Dustin Pedroia flashing some major leather and Tim Wakefield and (possibly) Mike Timlin for the last time this year.  Timlin lost the game (and no, I was not conflicted – Millar is my boy – but not against the Red Sox and especially not against Timlin!) and the fans still gave him an ovation as he left the mound.  Which is more proof of what I’ve been saying lately – that these fans showing up now, are the real ones.  The ones that go to the games because they love their team.

I’m wearing my Timlin jersey to the game today.  🙂

My friend Melissa is coming down from Maine for the game…she’s on the road right now (which means I better start getting ready!).  This will be my third game this season with Melissa – and it has rained all three days.

With the end of the Red Sox season, now I’ll have time to do the things I’ve been putting off…like pay my bills, get some sleep and get the wireless fixed!

The Lester sign is making its (hopefully) final appearance at Fenway today.  I’ll see what I can do about NOT getting booted out today!

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