Four at Fenway

PapinancifoxxcannadayStarting tonight, I’ll be at Fenway for the last four games of the season.  I’m very excited, but also a little sad.  Sunday might be the last time I see Trot Nixon in a Red Sox uniform (man, I hope not!).  It also might be the last time I see Mark Loretta, Alex Gonzalez, Doug Mirabelli or Gabe Kapler in a Red Sox uniform, if the sports writers have any idea what they are writing about.    I’m, obviously, a fan of the players.  I mean, my first allegiance is to the team, but I become quite fond of the guys on it.  So Sunday will be very bittersweet.

Hooray to Big Papi for hitting his 54th homerun last night (in front of Jimmie Foxx’s daughter and Babe Ruth’s granddaughter – he presented them both with vintage jerseys and autographed bats and they both seemed genuinely taken with him when they were interviewed about it later).  He also went 3-4.  So  much for the shift, eh Mr. Maddon?  (Oh, and the 52nd homerun ball?  Going up for auction today for charity.  Once again, Big Papi delivers.)

Curt finally picked up his 15th win.  It made me cry when Tito let him go out for the 8th inning just so he could take him off the mound and give the fans a chance to cheer him.  Congrats, Curt.  You better be back here next year.  🙂

For those who cared – the Red Sox are back in second place.  I don’t get the need for that from some fans, but whatever floats your boat.  🙂

Have a great day, folks!  I’m off to dig out ‘warm’ clothes for the game tonight!

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