I’m cold, I’m wet…but I’m happy

Okay, the game didn’t go as hoped.  Not at all.  Wake struggled and Papi didn’t get a homerun.  But it was still a wildly good time!  You haven’t had fun until you’ve sat in the pouring, cold rain with thousands of other fans chanting for your team.  We were drenched and it was SO much fun!

A couple of things about Minnesota.  Their pitching was NASTY tonight (Well, except for Crain).  Can’t fault the Sox for not being able to hit the heat that was coming their way.  Damn!  And their fans…there was a very decent showing of Twins fans tonight.  I was a little surprised at how rowdy and downright obnoxious a lot of them were…but, I guess being drunk, cold and wet will do that to you.

Lenny Dinardo threw 3 2/3 scoreless innings!  Boy looked very good on his birthday!  And Coco as flashing the leather again…and Eric Hinske and Doug Mirabelli got 2 hits each.  So it wasn’t all that bad.

I’m worried about Wake.  Once again, he’s taking the hits for the team.  He shouldn’t be pitching, he’s still in pain, yet he’s out there taking it for the guys.  We need him and he’s out there.  When he left the game, he got huge cheers.  I’ve written it before, folks outside ‘The Nation’ just don’t get how much we love him.

Youk left tonight with what I found out to be a ‘strained neck’.  Great.  Here’s hoping he’s okay. 

The Red Sox had their 300th sellout tonight.  So, so much for people abandoning the team, eh?  🙂

Doug Flutie was there tonight and received a standing ovation!  I think I’ve seen Doug at about 4 Red Sox games in the last two years.

Tek received his awards tonight…the fans, as usual, went crazy for the captain.

It was a fun night and very special for the fans…I’m glad I was there.

Even if I am still drying myself off after being home for an hour.  🙂

(Photo of Lenny, taken by me tonight)

Edited to add that I put up a few pictures from the Fenway Tour on Labor Day…not many, but I’m working on adding more to the ‘photo albums’ soon!

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