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It’s been a fun day of baseball…and I had some non baseball-related fun as well.  So a quick jump into the blog to make one comment.  More on the day of baseball tomorrow.

So much is made, by Yankees fans, of "the chant" and how classless it is to do (not just by Red Sox fans, I might add).  But at both games today, over and over again the chant was out for the Red Sox.  Not such a big deal really except for two things.  1) How many Yankees fans insist to me that it doesn’t exist at Yankee Stadium, but more importantly…2)  Yankees fans chant "Boston" ****…if Red Sox, or any other fans, chanted "New York" ****, there would be editorials written and fights in the streets and talk of how no one respects the city and how dare they bring the city into it when it’s baseball teams not cities that are the rivals.

So why do Yankees fans chant "Boston" instead of "Red Sox"?  Same amount of syllables.  One is as easy to say as the other. Why is it okay to trash the entire city of Boston, but New York is untouchable?  That’s just stupid.

There’s no high ground here for Yankees fans.  I’m just deleting any emails or comments I get that complain about ‘the chant’ from here on out.  It’s ridiculous given what goes on at Yankee Stadium.

Sox took one out of two.  Fun games, both.  Interesting to see how desperate the  Yankees looked to beat the Sox.  As if they have to prove that the five games in August weren’t a fluke.  Aside from watching the better part of the Fox game with the mute button on (which I actually did)…today was a lot of fun

Have a good night, folks.

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