Loretta_markInstead of the BLOWN save, my man Mike gets the save!  And Foullkie gets the win and everyone’s Mark Loretta gets the game-tying and the game-winning hits!

Lenny Dinardo looked pretty good until he totally unraveled in the fourth.  I’m hoping he can get it together…we could use a young lefty.

SO here is  my team, with seemingly no chance at the playoffs, and I still get excited after a win like tonight’s.  Man, I love baseball.

Oddly enough, I won’t see the game live tomorrow night.  I have evening plans that will keep me away from a television for the better part of the night.  I’ll still dvr it, just in case it ends up being a good one!

Fox AND ESPN this weekend.  🙁  We’ll get to hear the whole MVP thing beaten to death…oh yes, and we’ll get to relive the five game ‘massacre’.  Oh happy day.

Mark Loretta is on with Tina Cervasio right now.  He is hitting .387 versus the Orioles this year.  This guy obviously wants to come back next year.  And most of us want him back too.

Mark says "until they say we’re out of it we’re going to keep playing hard".  How do you not love this guy?

Dennis Eckersley just echoed my statement.  He wants him to come back next year as well.  So does Tom Caron.  Bring him back, Theo.  Bring him back.

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