The Red Sox are Losing…

…10-4 to the Kansas City Royals in the bottom of the twelfth inning and there are still fans in Fenway cheering them.  There are still kids in the stands wearing rally caps.  There is still hope with one out, one on and Big Papi up at bat. 

I’m watching this game from home and I know they’re going to lose.  I don’t even mind.  I’ve adjusted to this over the last month.  I’m taking every game for what it’s worth and enjoying myself until baseball season is over.  But these fans…the ones that are still at the ballpark…THEY are the reason that Julian Tavarez should have tipped his cap the other night.  THEY are the reason that Kevin Youkilis should have just kept his trap shut when they asked him about Julian Tavarez.  And THEY are the reason I can’t wait to get to Fenway tomorrow in my Jon Lester t-shirt with the sign my sister designed for me.

Even with another loss to KC, I’ll go to bed with a smile on my face tonight.  Because the Red Sox  know now how the REAL fans feel about them.

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