Drive By

Jonlester2Hi folks! 

Received an email about him just before the news came out about Jon Lester.  It’s one of those bad news/good news things, I suppose.  Cancer is cancer, but at least they believe this is treatable.  My heart still breaks that someone so young is going through this, but I know his faith is strong and he has a great support group of family and friends behind him.

Jonlester3Kay and I went to Fenway today and both bought Lester t-shirts to show our support.  I don’t usually wear t-shirts to the park but I think I will be this weekend.

Hope everyone enjoys the game…I’m so excited about this weekend of baseball with my sistahs and the Red Sox!

These two pictures of Jon were taken by me earlier this season.  I can’t wait to see him back on the mound!

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