Embrace the team

I’m paraphrasing Larry Lucchino in my subject title, but that’s what he wants the fans to do on Thursday and throughout the 10-game homestand coming up.

I’m with Larry on this one.  I won’t be at Fenway on Thursday when the Sox return home, but I’m hoping that everyone who IS there gives this team the love and support they deserve instead of acting like band-wagoning jackasses.

Papi, Manny and Wily Mo are all back in, or on their way back to, Boston tonight.  Last night, some of the guys (Hinske, Youkilis and Cora, specifically) really showed that they aren’t ready to throw in the towel.  Let’s hope the rest of the team feels the same way.  Win it for Papi, boys.  And Manny and Wily Mo.  Win it for all of us.  Even if it’s just this one game.  Every journey starts with one step, fellas.

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