I had an epiphany of sorts in responding to a comment that an Yankees fan just wrote to me.

I’m going to re-post part of what I wrote here:

I’ve finally figured out the Yankees fans who visit this blog only to rub in the bad times. I’m not sure what took me so long. It makes you all crazy that I don’t wring my hands and complain and hem and haw over how ‘terrible’ the Red Sox are. That I support this team through the good AND bad, unlike the way most Yankees fans support their team.

It’s so simple.  I’m amazed it took me this long to figure it out.  I’m pretty disappointed with myself.  For over a year I’ve been writing about my team and how much I love it.  And Yankees fans take their potshots whenever the team does poorly.  All because it galls them that I support my team through good and bad.  The Red Sox are suffering right now and Yankees fans, instead of celebrating how well their team is doing, come over here (or email me) to rub it in my face that my team is doing poorly.  As if their team doing well makes them better than me because my team is doing "not so" well.  So, congratulations, Yankees fans, for outing yourselves here.  Now everyone knows the difference between a real fan, and the type of fan who gets more joy out of harassing other fans than they do celebrating their own team.  Good show.

I had another great day at the ball park today.  This time at Fraser Field in Lynn, Massachusetts, watching the North Shore Spirit beat the Worcester Tornadoes.  I’ve enjoyed these games so much, I can’t wait to see another one!  Two days and three games full of minor league baseball just reinforced how much I love the sport…and my team.  Win, lose, the Red Sox are my boys and I’m going to continue to watch them, support them and write about them.

And I’ll thoroughly enjoy the next month or so of baseball!

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