Why watching a game on Fox makes me forget how bad the actual game is

Another craptastic game by the Red Sox.  No need for me to dwell on it.  And, yes, I’m still thunder.

The worst part of the game?  Listening to Tim McCarver say whatever he wants as if it is fact and having no one dispute it.

Case in point, while at the family party I went to today, I heard Tim McCarver go into fits because Jonathan Papelbon was loosening up in the bullpen in the sixth inning.  "This has never happened" he said.  "This shows how desperate the Red Sox are!"  Except, see, he’s totally wrong.  As part of his ritual every game, Papelbon gets up in the sixth inning and loosens up, NOT warming up.  He doesn’t thrown any pitches…he loosens himself up with some exercises.  He does this during EVERY FREAKING GAME.  I know this because I, you know, go to the games and pay attention to these things.  But in an effort to find something ELSE to slam the Red Sox about, McCarver spouts off this garbage like he knows what he’s talking about and everyone who hears it thinks it’s true.  The man is the human version of a total ****.

Well, everyone was predicting that either the Sox or Yanks would take 3 out of five…so hopefully these are the Yankees three.  Dang, they have to get tired SOMEtime, eh?

I’m actually looking forward to the next two games.  The pressure is totally off.  If they lose them both everyone will say "see, they were playing horrible those first two games and they continued to do that" and if they win, well they WIN and that’s always a good thing.  I guess it isn’t the worst position to be in.

Surprisingly, the party I was at was full of positive Red Sox fans.  I was taken aback by it.  We all sat around talking about how much baseball, including games against the Yankees, were left and how, until they are mathematically eliminated, it isn’t over.  It was a pretty nice way to spend the afternoon!

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