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I’m being lazy today…last night sucked most of the good energy out of me…it’ll be back tonight (although, even though Jonathan requested it, I’m not sure I’ll be live blogging again tonight)…so in place of my writing something witty or annoying, I point you toward two sites that helped me put things in perspective today.

First, I send you to "Fire Joe Morgan" to read their take on Murray Chass and his latest rant against the Red Sox.  I find it interesting that a New York writer focuses so much of his attention on the Red Sox.  As bad as Boston writers can get, there isn’t one who is infamous for bashing the Yankees the way Chass is with the Red Sox.  Besides that, the man is obviously a baseball idiot.  Makes it all the more fun to read FJM’s take on him. Enjoy.

And then there is Eric Wilbur, who I tend to love one minute and immensely dislike the next.  He has a great piece today about how some Red Sox fans have developed this irrational belief that we are "entitled".  You know, like the irrational belief Yankees fans have.  🙂  He gives a good argument for why I’m starting to dislike the new wave of fans even more than I already did.  Again, enjoy.

Hey, I wish things were different.  I wish the Sox were in first place and the Yankees were in third.  But wishes don’t mean anything.  We live with what we have and what we have is a very good team going through a very bad time.  And even with that ‘very bad time’…our team is only 2 games out of first place.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

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