The “The Red Sox lost the damn game today so Bronson better win so I don’t go to bed cranky” Live Blog

1141507918_5941_1Dammit.  No Cincinnati feed, I get Houston.  No offense to Houston fans, I just really like the announcer for Cincinnati, George Grande.  I actually have a ‘thing’ for his voice.  I love it.  Oh, well.  It’s "Sounds of the Game" night tonight.  That should make for some interesting viewing!

Andy Pettitte is pitching for the Astros.  He’s one of the few guys who was a Yankee that I actually don’t dislike. 

8:08 – Ryan Freel gets a lead-off hit and then gets himself picked off by Pettitte’s slick pick-off move.  Great way to start the game, Ryan.

8:10 –  Holy Cow, Aubrey Huff is an Astro.  I mean, I knew this…but seeing it is a totally different thing.  Two outs with Junior up.

8:11 – I really miss George.  It figures that the night I decide to watch the Reds and  NOT the Yankees (since the Sox aren’t on) I don’t get George for the Reds game and I also don’t get the YES feed.  God thinks he’s funny.  Oh yeah, Junior is out.  Bronson is taking the mound as I type.

8:14 – According to FSN Houston, things we should know about Bronson is that he has good "pitchability" and is a "rock star".  Houston is so quaint.

8:15 – Craig Biggio just hit a lead-off homerun.  I learn that he now has 50 lead off homeruns.  He’s second to Ricky Henderson (who has 81).  This is like being in school.

8:16 – Bronson gets Burke out.  Okay, Royce Clayton did…but at least it wasn’t a homerun.  Bring on Berkman.

8:18 – Bronson has a full count on Berkman.   The Houston announcers just called him (Bronson) a "pleasant surprise" in the National League.  They also acknowledge that it has a lot to do with his pitching in the National League.  Jeez, they can’t even pump up their own league, huh?

8:19 – Berkman has a seat…we learn Bronson hasn’t won since June 19th.  I’m flashing back to last season…

8:20 – Old friend Aubrey Huff hits a double off of Bronson.  Aubrey is 11-17 against him.  Ah, those old Tampa Bay/Boston days, huh?  Aubrey should watch he doesn’t get hit at some point in the game.

Bronface_1 8:22 – Preston Wilson walks so Bronson has men on first and second with two outs.  Bronson has his own version of "The Derek Lowe Face" and he’s already starting to use it.  Luke Scott is going to try and make him use it again.

8:24 – Bronson gets Luke Scott out – 1-0 Astros after one.

8:26 – Rich Aurilia gets a homerun and the Astros fans throw the ball back.  I love it!  Good show Astros fans!  1-1.

8:27 – Adam Dunn gets a single.  Nice one-two, fellas.

8:28 – Double play erases Dunn with Brandon Phillips up (forgive me if I misspell player’s names – I’m trying to get them all correct!).

8:31 – Pettitte gets a strikeout to end the top of the second.  1-1.

8:34 – There is a game going on…I’m sure of it.  Although I’m not SEEING it because FSN Houston deciding it’s more important to interview the guy who does the announcing at the ball park because it’s his birthday.  Good freaking gravy.

8:35 – Somehow, Bronson has two outs.

8:37 – That was  a mighty fast inning.  Score still tied at one.

8:40 – Clemens is being interviewed…this could make me turn to the Yankees game.  Oh, that was quick – never mind.

8:41 – Bronson’s personal catcher, David Ross, just hit a double.  No outs and Bronson up.  Well, maybe he’ll bunt.

8:42 – And he does…nice sacrifice Bronson.  Ross to third with one out.  Bronson looks a little goofy with that batting helmet on.  Yeesh.  Talk about nerding up the cool kid.

8:43 – Just checked the  Yankees/Rangers score.  Yanks up 2-0 in the second.  Rangers have two on and no outs.  Probably a good thing I’m not watching.

8:44 – Sounds of the game with Preston Wilson.  High comedy.  :-/

8:45 – Two outs, Ross still on third.  Royce Clayton needs to make some damn thing happen here.

8:46 – Rangers tied it up – Clayton walks to bring up Junior.  Nothing but good news at 8:46!

8:49 – Good Lord, National League baseball goes by slowly!  Junior is out, score still tied.

8:52 – They are talking with the Houston hitting coach about Bronson.  This is actually quite an interesting interview.  Nice touch, I like it.

8:53 – A reminder from the Houston announcer that Bronson was 14-10 last year and that he was traded for Wily Mo Pena.  Sigh.  Bronson gets the first out.

8:54 – Houston dudes talking about Bronson’s high-kick: "When he was young he probably thought it looked cool".  Does that EVER ‘look cool’?  Bronson has another out thanks to a strikeout.  Berkman up again.

8:55 – Now the  Houston guys are pimping Bronson’s cd.  Bronson should be thanking Theo.  Not only did he trade him to a league where he became an All Star – but he’s in contention for the Cy Young AND now he has a whole new audience for his music.  Oh yeah, Bronson struck out the side.

9:00 – The Houston guy said that Adam Dunn is missing Austin Kearns.  Isn’t that sweet? 

9:01 – Meanwhile, Mr Lonely Heart Dunn hit a double. Reds on second and third with no outs.

9:02 – Encarnacion just knocked Aurilia in.  Man, am I appreciating the defense of my team right now.

9:04 – Especially given that the score is now 4-1 thanks to a single by Philips and a bad, bad non-catch by Aubrey Huff.  Eek.

9:06 – With one out, Reds have a man on third and Andy Pettitte is just all over the place. Luckily for him, Bronson is up.

9:08 – Astros get the out at home.  Philips thinks he was safe.  Home plate umpire doesn’t agre.  Neither do I. Bronson is at first with Ryan Freel up and two outs.

9:10 – Freel gets a single – Reds have men at the corners – Bronson looks like he’s in Little League with that damn helmet on.  Royce Clayton is up for what feels like the fifth time tonight.

9:11 – Clayton is out…someone get that helmet off Bronson.  Middle of the fourth, 4-1 Reds.

9:12 – I just realized that Sal Fasano is playing for the Yankees tonight.  I’ll have to watch a little of the game to see what he looks like now that he’s been zombified.

9:13 – Aubrey Huff is up in Houston.  Looks like Bronson doesn’t plan on hitting him this at-bat.

9:14 – Especially since he just struck him out.  Four guys in a row down "by way of the K" as Don Orsillo likes to say.  Here comes Preston Wilson and his microphone.

Action13_49:17 – Bronson gets 10 outs in a row and ends the fourth.  Hey, people in Houston have to suffer with that Taylor Hicks ford commercial too?  Sheez.

9:22 – With one out Aurilia gets a triple.  Niiice.

9:32 – Sorry for the lag…life, you know?  Bottom of the fifth and the Astros are still up 5-1.  A double by Ausmus makes Bronson hit Adam Everett (and I thought it would be Huff!)

9:34 – Now, thanks to the fact that the Reds don’t have the Santana infield…the bases are loaded for the Reds with no outs.  Come on, Bronson, chill out.

9:35 – Mr. Biggio is up with the bases loaded and hits one right up the middle to centerfield.  One run scores so the bases are still loaded and there are still no outs.

9:37 – I’m fading fast.  These last two nights of late-night baseball are starting to take their toll.  Here’s hoping I can make it through the game.

9:37b – Burke gets a base hit that knocks in 2.  5-4 Cincinnati.  See, this is pretty much exactly what Bronson did in Boston last year.  ๐Ÿ™

9:39 – Berkman hits a three-run homerun…with no outs.  7-5 Houstin in the fifth.  Oh,  my poor Bronson.  Damn.  Thomas is going to want me to do this for all the Astros games.

9:39b – Now why is Bronson still in there?  Has he not been beaten up enough?

9:40 – Ow.  Aubrey Huff just fouls the ball off himself.  The Houston guys ignore this while they focus on Berkman in the dugout.

9:40b – The Bronson Arroyo face is in full bloom.

9:41 – An out!  He got an out!  (Off the ex-Devil Ray!)  Hey there’s another out.  Two in less than a minute.  Good show.

9:44 – Luke Scott strikes out and Bronson gets out of the inning unscathed.  :-/

9:47 – "One pitch, one out".  What the hell, David Ross???

9:47b – Russ Springer is in for the Astros.  I clicked over to the Yankees game because Sal Fasano is up this inning and I need to check this out.  ๐Ÿ™‚ (Maybe if I’m not watching, the Reds will make a comeback?)

9:49 – Clicked back to see Bronson at bat (I almost forgot!)…hey, at least the Rangers are winning 4-2.  Bronson is out.  Sigh.  Back to the Yankees to see Sal while the Houston guys make fun of Preston Wilson.

9:50 – Fasano still has his **** ‘stache.  Looks like he might have cut his hair.  I don’t remember how long it was.  He’s 1-3 tonight.  Somewhere, Kelly Stinnett is saying "I could have done that!".  That was all very anti-climactic.

9:57 – Bronson gets out of the sixth inning, 1-2-3…man, I’m tired.  Here’s hoping the Reds come back while Bronson is still the pitcher of record.

10:02 – Kind of hard to come back when you go down 1-2-3 in the seventh inning, Reds players.

10:04 – Fear not, Reds players.  Craig Biggio tried to make a single a double and failed.  Craig, you only have a two-run lead, genius.

10:06 – Bronson strikes out Burke.  7 strikeouts on the night.  Not too shabby.

10:07 – HEY there is a "Citgo" sign hanging in this stadium.  As I notice this, Lance Berkman hits another homerun.  8-5 Astros.  Oh, Bronson.  ๐Ÿ™  Enjoy your shower.

10:08 – Lance Berkman looks a lot like Vince Gill. 

10:09 – I don’t care how stinkily he pitched tonight…I still miss Bronson.

10:13 – As I nod off, Kenny Mayne wakes me up with his "Progressive" commercial.  8-5 Houston in the top of the 8th.  I’m afraid to go see what the Yankees are doing.  Adam Dunn is up.  Let’s go Reds! What the hell?

10:16 – Jeez, FSN Houston likes to interview a LOT of people during the game, huh?

10:18 – If the Reds lose tonight, you can’t blame Dunn.  He’s 4-4.  He’s on with one out and Brandon Philips up.

10:27 – I nodded off again.  :-).  Bottom of the eighth and the score is 8-5 with one out.  Last time I checked, the Yanks were still losing.  I guess I can’t ask for everything.

10:28 – Ugh. Slappy hit a solo shot.  Yanks are only losing by one in 8th with two on and no outs.  Maybe I should just fall asleep?

10:31 – I’ve had a Mojito before.  I hate the taste.  Must be a ‘younger’ thing.  We’re heading into the ninth in Houston. 

10:33 – The Yankees are now leading 5-4.  I pretty much hate the entire state of Texas right now.  Brad Lidge is in for the Astros.

10:38 – Lidge is trying his best to  let me go to bed moderately happy.  Two on and no outs in the top of the ninth.  Meanwhile the Yankees scored again.  Man, Texas ****.

10:41 – He’s hit a guy, he just threw a wild pitch.  Lidge is all over the place.  Men on second and third with no outs.

10:42 – Well, he struck out one…and now Garner is taking him out for Trever Miller.  Wow.

10:45 – Miller does his job and gets Junior out.  Two outs, two on and Garner is pulling Miller for a right-hander.

10:50 – Wheeler strikes out Aurilia.  Bronson gets the loss.  That was pretty ugly.  Sorry, Reds fans!

(Michael Young just tied up the Rangers/Yankees game.  Maybe the night won’t be a total mess after all.)

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