Oh happy day!

KyleWell, not completely happy.  Wake is officially on the dl…that makes me sad. We need him healthy and we need him healthy soon.

Sox won 6-4 yesterday.  Nice scoring there, huh?  Yankees lost in extra-innings last night.  SO that puts the Sox 2.5 games up in first place.  Definitely a good thing with this west coast road trip coming up.  Our next three starting pitchers are Snyder, TBA, and Lester.  Not exactly confidence-inspiring, but I think we can pull at least two out of the three.

Totally off-topic, but I have Sportscenter on in the background and Barry Bonds’ lawyer just said that Barry told him he didn’t care if he was indicted as long as Greg Anderson is out of jail.  Even HE looked like he didn’t believe what was coming out of his mouth.  EDITED TO ADD THIS LINK courtesy of my friend Gayle – showing how thin-skinned Johnny Damon really is.  Give me a break, Demon. You have nothing better to do than look for things that hurt your feelings?  Oh wait, the story claims Johnny didn’t know anything about this.  Yeah, right.

Okay, back to the Sox…Curt looked a little tough yesterday, but he got the job done – with help from Manny Delcarmen and Mike Timlin  (who got his second save of the season).  Mark Loretta commented after the game that it ‘takes 25’ to win…and that’s what they did yesterday.  Some guys faltered, others picked  them up.  I didn’t get to ‘see’ the game, but I’m happy just the same.

Have a great day, folks!  Late game tonight, 10:05pm.  Enjoy!

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