I hate technology

I just spent a half hour writing a post that disappeared thanks to some phantom in my laptop, so now I’m running late and don’t have time to re-create it.  But here are the basics:

  • Tim Wakefield will most likely be going on the 15-day dl, retroactive to Tuesday, because of a stress fracture in  his ribcage.  We will really be missing his pitching and his personality on this west coast trip.  Get better soon, Wake!
  • Josh Beckett signed a three-year, $30 million contract extension.  The time of the young guns is upon us!
  • But don’t give up on the old guys yet!  David Wells through a simulated game, is expected to throw a side session and another simulated game before he does a rehab stint and will hopefully be back in the rotation come the beginning of August!  This is GREAT news!
  • I watched the Reds beat the Mets last night and went to sleep very happy for the Reds and those fans who stuck out the two-hour rain delay!
  • Read this morning that Shea Hillenbrand has been designated for assignment by the Blue Jays.  Between the numbers he puts up and the fact that the Jays are in the thick of a division race, how much of a horse’s behind did Hillenbrand have to be to have this happen?  You decide.  John Gibbons gets quote of the week with this response to the situation:

"It will do wonders for the clubhouse,"

WakebackHillenbrand ran his mouth when he left Boston…and continued to do so from Arizona to Toronto.  Nice to see, as I always suspected, it’s him and not anyone else.  Three years after leaving Boston, this guys still needs to grow up.

Sox play this afternoon (as do the Reds with Bronson pitching against Tom Glavine!) in a make-up game with the Texas Rangers.  Normally, the Rangers being in town would make me wear my raincoat, but it looks to be a beautiful day for baseball.  Hope some of you can get out for it.  I’ll be ‘watching’ Curt Schilling get his 12th win on game day!

Have a great day, folks!

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