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I suppose a nineteen inning game is the perfect way to head into the All Star break.  Too bad they didn’t win it.  I was a little surprised to read comments saying it was the best game of the season for the White Sox.  A win is always great, but that game was just ugly from both sides.  No way a game should take nineteen innings to play.

Not disappointed at all with the Red Sox thus far.  They go into this break at 53-33, three games ahead of the Yankees for first place.   For all the talk of the injuries with the Yankees team, our team won a lot of games with basically three starting pitchers.  I find that pretty dam impressive. 

Our young guys (Papelbon, Delcarmen, Lester and Hansen) have really stepped up and our two aces are 10 and 11 game winners.  As of today, the Red Sox are fourth in the league in team batting average, third in RBI, first in on-base percentage – and we’re the best fielding team in the league.

We got Mike Lowell as a throw-in for the Josh Beckett deal – and he’s turned out to be one of the most effective players on the team.  Both Alex Gonzalez and Alex Cora have been nearly perfect at shortstop and their averages keep growing.  Kevin Youkilis played JT Snow out of a job and Mark Loretta became an All Star.  And how about Trot Nixon, having a career- year?

Sure, Coco hasn’t bounced back, Varitek has struggled at the plate almost all of the first half and Doug Mirabelli, while giving Wakefield some piece of mind, hasn’t produced as he has in the past.  But these are all things that will most likely work themselves out in the second half.

Don’t know what I can say about Papi and Manny except:  a combined 55 homeruns between them and 152 RBI.  Not too shabby, eh?

This is a short week for me.  From Wednesday on, I’ll be having fun (including hitting Fenway on Thursday) and I won’t be in work…possibly won’t be near a computer (who am I kidding?  I’m always near a computer – just might not have internet access).  So two days of craziness at work followed by a nice rest of the week.  I certainly can’t complain.

Thanks, everyone, for the happy birthday wishes for Madison.  We had a wonderful day!

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