Gotta love “Yes”!

Funny but the Red Sox beating the White Sox two games in a row makes me not really care that the Yankees are beating the Devil Rays again.  I haven’t even watched most of the game (just the first two and now the last two innings.)  But Al Leiter and Jim Kaat are killing me.  Now, I know that the DRays kicked the Sox around this week, but these two guys are talking like the Devil Rays are some power house and it’s amazing that the Yankees are winning.  Whatever helps you sleep, guys.  I used to like Al Leiter, a lot…since he’s been with  "Yes" I’m  pretty sure his IQ has gone down.  He seems to always say SOMETHING stupid.  It’s a little disappointing, really.

Unless the DRays have some offensive surge over the next five minutes or so, Yanks win again.  Sox nor Yanks gain any ground, but the Red Sox are still three games ahead.  I will ABSOLUTELY take that.  Where are all the naysayers who were telling me the Sox wouldn’t be in first place come the All Star break?  So much for that prediction, eh?  Toronto is currently 6.5 games out of first.  What happened there?

Wang just gave up 2 hits with one out in the
ninth and Torre is bringing in Kyle Farnsworth.  Hey, maybe the Devil
Rays CAN salvage this game?  One can always hope.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I’m happy with where the Red Sox are.  It will be a very enjoyable All Star break.

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