Two bad games

Actually, one bad game.  Last night the Red Sox were out-pitched by a guy thisclose to at LEAST a no-hitter.  It stunk for us, but the Sox didn’t really play that terribly, even though they got the loss.  Tonight, the offense was sleepy until close to the end of the game…and Mike Timlin just completely imploded.

Ah, but Yankees fans are already starting the "see what happens when you get back to playing in the American League" junk.  Which, really, just makes me laugh.  Let’s see…the Red Sox went 16-2 in inter league play.  The Yankees?  10-8.  The Red Sox just lost their first two games after inter league by scores of 3-0 and 9-6.  The Yankees lost last night 5-2 and are currently losing in the fifth inning, 7-1. 

Right now, the Red Sox are 3.5 games ahead of the Yankees.  If the score holds in Cleveland, they will be 4 games up tomorrow morning.  So where does this arrogance come from the Yankees fans who think that the only reason the Sox played well was because of inter-league play?

I mean, I’d be embarrassed, as a Yankees fan, to use this as an argument.  Basically, you’re saying that your team wasn’t good enough to beat the teams the Red Sox beat.  The same teams you’re saying it was too EASY for the Red Sox to beat.  How does that bode well for your team?  The Red Sox are so bad they can only beat National League teams…but the Yankees are so good that they CAN’T beat those same teams?  There’s logic for you.

In June, prior to inter-league play, the Sox were 5-8 (including getting swept by Minnesota)…the Yankees were 6-7 (including getting swept by Oakland).  Someone tell me how this proves that the Yankees were playing better ball than the Red Sox before the inter-league games started?  Better ball by ONE game?  Ooh…that’s some scary number, huh?

I’m not impressed.  The Red Sox always seem to struggle a bit against the Devil Rays.  There really isn’t a team in the league that the Sox ever go into a series saying "Oh we definitely have this one".  They give their opponents a  lot more credit than that.  Besides, much like the Yankees, every team wants to beat the Red Sox.  And some, more than others, come to play big time.  The Orioles, the Blue Jays and the Devil Rays seem to be the teams others think the Sox should steamroll…and the Red Sox know that those teams are gunning for them.

So, the Sox lost two to the Devil Rays.  Good pitching and quiet bats (along with a horrible outing by Mike Timlin tonight) will do that.  It’s only the fifth inning in Cleveland and anything can still happen.  7-1 isn’t an insurmountable lead.  But if the Yankees DON’T come back, the Sox will be up by four games.  Not exactly a position they should be ashamed of.

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