Who are these Mets you speak of?

I cheered Pedro three times tonight.  Once when he came out to warm up (hey, I was in the bleachers, he was close by), once when they announced his name after the starting nine and once when he took the mound.  After that, all bets were off.

Exactly what I wanted to happen tonight happened.  Pedro got the love from the fans – and then got his butt kicked.

So many thoughts on tonight’s game.  One being about Thomas’s comments over at Stro’s Bro regarding the DH…he feels it gives the AL an unfair advantage.  I disagree – but regardless of how I feel – the Sox knocked Pedro and the rest of the bullpen around tonight.  And Papi went 0-3.

Pedro said after the game that he got swept up in the emotion of the fans reaction tonight.  I suspected this would happen (and said so to Emily before the game started).  The rocket scientist over at Boston Dirt Dogs tried to save face today by saying we shouldn’t cheer Pedro because it will drive him to pitch well.  You’re gasping your last breath, Silva.

I like Pedro.  I’m watching him on "Sports Desk" and I’m smiling because he’s still "Petey" and he’s being a really good sport. 

Wish I could say the same for Mets fans.  I’ve never been around more obnoxious fans in my life – and I’ve been to Philly AND the Bronx.  Congratulations, Mets fans, you outdid every other fan base I’ve seen when it comes to being obnoxious.

CurtjoshJosh Beckett got his 10th win tonight.  The Sox got their 11th win in a row.  Kevin Youkilis is the absolute real deal (in case you all were wondering) and AGon hit his second homerun in as many nights!  Oh yes, and according to Hazel Mae, the Sox are second in batting average to only the Toronto Blue Jays.  Sorry non-Red Sox fans – this team is the real deal. 

I have to tell you folks, I am terribly unimpressed with this Mets team.  On the other hand, I am tremendously impressed with this Red Sox team.

Em and I were sitting literally under the scoreboard – but we had a great view of the entire park!  I took a lot of photos – most that will probably end up being deleted – but hopefully I’ll have some that came out good and I’ll post them here.

Proud to say the Sox fans drowned out the Mets fans tonight.  I don’t know what the mics picked up on television – but every time the chants started – the Sox fans yelled them down.  There were two guys in front of us who drove here from Kentucky to see the first two games.  Lifelong Sox fans (Because, as they told us, their choices were "Yankees, Cubs, Reds or Red Sox") and they saw two super games!

We had the loudest, most obnoxious Mets fans behind us for most of the game.  I’m all for cheering for your team – even if you are the opposing team’s fans – but these two ‘girls’ were screeching like they were at a rock concert.  We had a lot of fun yelling back at them (my favorite was when I started chanting "Rookie of the Year" after Lastings Milledge showed us, yet again, how not to play left field) – until they really got unbearable.  Somehow, the woman next to us convinced them to tone it down, but they weren’t very happy about it.

I’m sorry Pedro didn’t pitch a little better.  It would have been nice for him to give a bit of a show before the Sox beat him…but the fans cheering him had results that were twofold – we showed everyone how special we think Pedro is – and we got into his head (by his own admission) and ‘helped’ the Sox win.  🙂  Red Sox Nation – I love you (us!)!

I’d love to know what y’all think.  Are the Mets (and the National League, really) over-rated – or is this Red Sox team just Red Hot?

Personally, I think it’s a little bit of both.  🙂

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