Am I in a New York or Florida market???

One of the "Yes" guys just said that ESPN has ‘graciously’ agreed to air the 8:05pm  Yankees/Marlins game tonight in "New York and Florida markets".

Now, first of all, "gracious"?  This is a joke, right?  New York games bring in ratings, pure and simple.  Nothing at all ‘gracious’ about ESPN making this call.

Secondly, I’m cranky about this because I am one of those people who would rather watch a Yankees/Marlins game than a White Sox/Astros game (my apologies to Thomas, but it’s true).  The outcome of the Yankees game affects the Red Sox, even in June, so it is a game I would much rather see.

And any Sunday night that I can go WITHOUT watching Ozzie Guillen and WITHOUT listening to Joe Morgan…well, that’s a dam fine Sunday night.

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