“Gonna have fun in the city…”

Trotyoukjune21I’m tired.  🙂  I really am.  But, as mentioned in comments yesterday, my mother scored tickets for tonight’s game – so who am I to complain about being tired?

Tonight, I’ll be at Fenway for the fourth time this week (In sweet left field seats again!).  Don’t think that I don’t know how fortunate I am (thanks, again, Ma!).  My friend Melissa was going to be down from Maine today anyway – and now she’ll get to see a game before she heads back up!  Yay!

i spent the better part of last night uploading photos and at the least have a photo album for Tuesday’s game to show for it (along with the one already up for Monday’s game).  Tomorrow I will miss the Sox game altogether, as I am going with my sister and Madison to see "Annie".  Madison is a music nut, and I’m really looking forward to watching HER watch the show.  This will be her first ‘live’ musical and I’m really excited.

But tonight, it’s Sox/Phillies and I FINALLY get to see Josh Beckett pitch live.  I can’t wait!

(The photo attached with this post was taken on Wednesday – it’s one of my favorites!)

Have a great day, everyone!

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