Youklazjune212006Well, once again, I don’t have much time to write.  But I did start a couple of posts about the games I saw – I just won’t be posting them until probably tonight.

Amazing three days, but I’m ‘old’, I could sleep for three more!  🙂

Interesting piece on Paxton Crawford (remember him?) in the Boston Globe today.  Here’s an excerpt:

“I thought it was a one-time story deal, bro," said Crawford, who at 28 is out of baseball and working on his family’s farm in Arkansas. “If any other reporter called, I was not interested."

The reporter mentioned that he’d covered the Sox for about a decade, including Crawford’s time with the club, and didn’t know for sure who’d used steroids.

“You didn’t know?" Crawford asked, surprise in his voice.

No, the reporter said. How widespread was it? Were there a lot of players?

“Yup," he said.

Five, 10, 20, 50, how many?

“It was just everywhere," he said.

Did this begin in minor league camp, in big league camp?

“So, anyway," Crawford said, “it’s kind of a sore subject, bro. That’s it."

So, "Bro", tells ESPN The Magazine’s Amy Nelson all about his using steroids and HGH and about how guys on his team got him into it.  And figures that discussing it is a one-time deal?

Either this kid is just incredibly stupid – or he’s lying.  You make the call.

Sox won six in a row and are still in first place.  Gee, naysayers, how did that happen?

Phillies in town for the weekend.  Let’s hope the Sox can keep the streak alive – I think they can!

I still don’t have the pictures up from Tuesday’s game, nor last night’s, but above is one of the photos I took last night – a fave of mine.  (Laz Diaz is my favorite umpire.  Has been since that idiot went at him at US Cellular Field back in 2003.  I think he’s a player favorite too because all week long he was talking and joking with the players – they all seem to really like him.)  The pic is of Diaz and Youk both giving the ‘two outs’ sign.  I have so many more but I haven’t edited them yet.  I will by the end of the week!   

One last item:  Ozzie Guillen is still a horse’s behind -and, if Mariotti is telling the truth, the White Sox organization suhcks.

But Mariotti added that he is not meeting Guillen or going to the White Sox clubhouse because he has been the subject of physical threats while there over the past few years and the White Sox have refused to do anything about it.

"I’m taking a stand," Mariotti said. "I’ve received physical threats through the years and the White Sox have done nothing to address it.

"I’ve said, ‘If you guys are not going to do anything about this, I’m going to stop coming in there.’ "

I’m embarrassed that this team won the World Series.

(Thanks to Jere for giving me the heads up about where the "White Sox kills kittens" graphic originated.  Been trying to find that out since last October!)

Tonight is a night off for the Sox and I’ll be hanging with a four year-old who thinks I’ve neglected her this week for the Red Sox!  🙂

Have a great day, folks!

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