I’m already tired!

Gabejune192006Yesterday was an early morning and a late night, so I’m a little sleepy still – but it was well worth it!

Kyle Snyder really came through.  I think I got some photos of him last night, but I didn’t get a chance to download them yet.  I did download some pictures I took later in the game – mostly of Gabe (hey, I was sitting in right field!).  I was quite happy to be at Gabe’s first game back in Fenway – and he did us proud!

Tonight I’m in left field (Hi Manny!) with Wake on the mound.  Snyder surprised me – let’s hope Wake does too!  (Mind you, I only say that because of my record this year at Fenway when Wake pitches!)

Oh.  And the Yankees lost, Bronson pitched a complete game and the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup – a great night in sports all-around!

Hope everyone has a good day – looks like it’s going to be another hot one.

Take care, folks.

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