It’s June!

Men And it looks to be a lovely day out! 

Sox and Yanks both won last night, so no major changes in the standings (and none for us!).

It’s been a long week and it’s only Thursday!  The Sox get a day off today and then head into Detroit.  Should be an interesting weekend.

Thomas from "Stros Bro" is  no longer blogging.  That makes me sad, he’s funny and I really enjoy his stuff.  Hopefully he’ll come around these parts once in a while!

And, yesterday, I wrote some things on another site that offended a fellow-MLB blogger.  That wasn’t my intent, so, Zack, I apologize for that. 

I also forgot to post a "happy anniversary" note to my sister and her husband yesterday.  8 years!  Way to go!

I guess Ted Lilly isn’t so scary to the Red Sox any more, eh?

One more shout out to David Pauley.  The kid had a rough outing for his first MLB appearance, and he still almost got the win.  That’s a story he can take back to Portland.  Thanks for the help, David!

Okay, one comment on Clemens.  I was in the "nope, don’t want him" camp for a very long time.  Then Wells hit the DL this year (the first time) and I said to myself "suhk it up, we need him".  Then HE turned it into "the entire beginning of the season is all about ME.  Look at ME!  Look at ME!" and I got to the point where I couldn’t care less where he went as long as everyone shut up about it.

Well, no surprise that he chose to go to Houston.  The Yankees (and possibly the Sox) might have been willing to throw more money at him, but Clemens isn’t stupid.  He thrived in Houston, pitching in the National League.  Why would he risk being exposed as an aging pitcher who handles the National League better than the American League in his last season pitching, when he can stay in Houston and pad his stats?  Oh yeah, there’s the family thing.  I’ve never bought much into it.  Roger wants to look good…so he’s playing it safe and staying in Houston.  Just as well.  The Red Sox nor the Yankees need his drama.

Have a great day, folks!

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