Memorial Day

P5230034sizedHopefully, everyone gets to take a moment today and reflect on the reason for the day.  There are many people close to my heart I’ll be thinking of – and I’m fairly certain I’ll be taking a trip to the cemetery today.  God bless them all.

Sox won yesterday, but in such an ugly way (well, only at the end) I don’t really want to focus on it.  Although Timmy did a great job and kudos to Willie Harris!  (Okay, to be fair, the whole team did a great job, save for Seanez and Tavares…what the he11 was THAT?)  Sox swept Tampa Bay, Yanks took 2 out of 3 from Kansas City.  As they say, these are they games we’re supposed to win.  This afternoon, the Yankees face the Detroit Tigers.  Just about any other year, I’d follow that with, ‘expect a Yankees win’, but not this year.  Tonight the Sox are in Toronto.  Toronto has always given the Sox a tough time, but this year they have better reasons for it.  The match-up of Clement versus Halliday does nothing to settle my stomach.

For those who don’t recognize him, the fella in the picture in the ‘715’ post is Byung-Hyun Kim.  If you’re even just a casual baseball fan, you should get the meaning.  And, no, that photo isn’t doctored.  Jeez, can’t imagine why folks in Boston didn’t take a shine to that boy, huh?

Well, it’s a beautiful day here, hope it is where you are as well and I hope you get to go out and enjoy it!

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