May 26, 2006 – Live Blog 6 – Devil Rays at Sox

This is live blog 6 as I’m not really counting the ‘text’ transcript over at Sox Sistahs Speak.  I’m doing this for Kay, so that her boy Boomah gets good vibes sent his Oh232xaoway.

Having written that, why do I have this terrible feeling that Wells is going to slip on the wet mound and mess his back up again?  Or his foot or his leg?  Dustin Hermanson anyone?

They’re taking the tarp off the field and cleaning things up…looks like the game will get in relatively close to on-time.  It isn’t raining at my house right now, and I’m about 15 minutes north of Boston.

Here’s the deal for the new folks…I don’t update at the top, you need to scroll down to find out what the heck is going on.  And I tend to, well, drift from subject to subject…but I do pay attention to the game and let you know, pretty much, what is going on.  I truly do this mostly for my own entertainment.  And, tonight, I’m doing it basically to keep me awake during the game (have I mentioned how OLD I feel this week?)…but if folks enjoy it, well that’s an added benefit!  I save usually between each half inning, sometimes more often that that.

7:00 – Weather update:  Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy seem to think the game will be starting ‘shortly’.  I saw Wells pitch against Tampa Bay last April and he kicked butt.  Papi also hit a grand slam.  Both those things would be nice again tonight.

7:04 – Tom Caron just said Fenway folks are saying the game will start at 7:45pm.  That’s not too long a wait.

7:15 – This rain delay isn’t doing much for keeping me awake.  :-/  Well, getting home early coupled with the delay at least allowed me to have some dinner.  Now, I’ve cracked open a Corona and am chilling out…guess I’ll hook into Gameday and see what’s up with the Yanks and Royals.

7:18 – HEY, Elarton had a 1-2-3 first inning!  Yay, you!

7:21 – Holy cow, Reggie Sanders just hit a homerun off of Mike Mussina!  At Yankee Stadium.  WAAY GraffyCool!  (Man, I wish I could SEE this and not just read it!)

7:25 – Tony Graffanino, baby!  Singles to Johnny.  (Of course, there are also two outs, but still…)

7:29 – Graffy stole second!  Angel Berroa walks…I love when this stuff happens to Mussina!  (Again, remember Cyn, two outs…there are two outs…)

7:35 – Mussina walked the Royals number 9 hitter.  That has to be equivalent to Mussina walking a little league hitter, no?

7:38 – Whoa.  Shane Costa singles, knocking in Graffy and Berroa!!!  3-0 Royals!

7:40 – Yay.  David Wells is walking out of the bullpen.  Game is on to start at 7:45.  Gary DiSarcina says we should listen to Wells when he says he’s okay.  Shut up, Gary, just shut up.  Not like Boomah has a history of lying about his health, huh?  Oops…sorry, positive vibes for Boomah.  LET’S GO, DAVID! I know you can do it!

7:43 – Scott Kazmir must have made a deal with the devil, huh?  Do Mets fans cringe whenever his name is mentioned, the way some Sox fans still do when Jeff Bagwell is brought up?

7:47 – Boomah gets out the first batter…okay, this is a good start!

7:48 – Boomah looks a little tentative.  A bit worried, even.  He has two outs…he will hopefully relax a little bit more when he gets the first inning under his belt.  Come on, Boom, get out Gomes and go have yourself a bit of a sitdown.  Good job, Boomah!  Don Orsillo says it was "nifty"!

Tomb 7:52 – Nice to see our ‘regular’ lineup in there.  Yo-Lo-Go-Lo-Va=Mi Infield!

7:52b – Seriously, Scott Kazmir scares me.  NO opposing pitchers scare me (not even Mussina or Halliday)…this kid sees blood when he sees Boston.  "I see a red sash, I kill a man!"

7:55 – Two outs on four pitches.  I need another beer.

7:56 – "Are we shifting?  Do we use the shift?"  Get your act together outfielders…

7:56b – Ortiz struck out to end the inning but Toby Hall still wants to play…sit down, Toby.

7:58 – As if you all needed more proof of what a geek I am…I have four browser windows open right now.  The one I’m editing the blog in…one for the blog so I can read comments…one with the Yanks/Royals game on Gameday and one for  me to look up pictures and links to add to the blog.  Hey, I told you I have to keep myself active to stay awake!

7:59 – Remy is already excited about how Wells looks.  Mind you, right after he said that, Wells proceeded to throw one strike and three balls and now he’s given up a double to Ty Wigginton.  Let’s keep our trap shut, eh Remdawg?

8:02 – Wells hasn’t pitched in how long? Why does Tampa Bay keep swinging at the first pitch?

8:03 – Did they send Nick Green to the Yankees because he hurt Aubrey Huff?  That’s a harsh punishment.  Aubrey is out…two outs with Wigginton on third.

Mannyslides 8:05 – Nice play by Boomah to get the man out at first!  Way to help your own cause!!!!  No score.  That’s quite all right.

8:07 – What the he11 is that?  Three guys and not one can catch that ball?  Manny’s on first, guys…thanks a lot!!  🙂

8:10 – Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy are basically tormenting any Mets fans watching right now.  "Martinez, Glavine, Wagner….but no Kazmir" yes, they know…

8:11 – Hey, Tina Cervasio just said Coco should be with the team on Monday in Toronto!  Coool.

8:12 – Mr. Double is up.  Mr. Double just hit a single and sent Manny to third!

8:14 – And so it begins.  Jeter steals third with no outs.  (But Sheffield struck out swinging…that’s something…)  And Trot just struck out.

8:17 – Wily Mo just stranded guys at 2nd and 3rd.  This is me not mentioning Bronson Arroyo’s name.  Oh yeah, and Slappy just hit a single that brought Jeter Dreamytravis home.  Wa-hoo.

8:19 – Girly mode on for a moment…Travis Lee is dreamy (but I’m glad Wells got him out!)…that is all.

8:21 – Apparently Julian Tavares didn’t hit Joey Gathright hard enough.  (Kidding, I’m kidding!)  Come on, Boom, get Lugo to hit into a double play!

8:22 – See, do what I tell you and everyone is happy!

Jete 8:23 – Dave tells me that hit Jeter got, that eventually led to him scoring, was his 2000 hit…congratulations Derek!  (probably the only time I’ll not refer to him as Captain Intangibles…doh, sorry!)  Picture of Jeter especially for Dave and Booklady!

8:29 – Mark Loretta hits a two-out single.  Come on, Papi, let’s get something started!  It occurred to me I haven’t even mentioned the inning.  0-0 in the bottom of the 3rd – Yanks/Royals is 3-1 in the top of the 6th.  Big Papi grounds out to end the inning.  Grr.

8:34 – I am purposely not getting specific about the way Boomah is pitching. 

8:35 – And immediately after I type that, Carl Crawford hits a solo homerun.  It’s a lousy way to start an inning, but shake it off, Boomah, shake it off.

8:37 – NESN just showed Jeter’s 2000th hit.  This should make all the folks who emailed me and yelled at me about this…I think that would have been the perfect time for a curtain call…

8:37b – Wigginton is now 2-2…didn’t he hit us well last time these two teams faced?  Jeez, guys!  Okay, Toby Hall is up…double play ball again, Boom.

8:39 – Wigginton just took Loretta out at second and got cleats almost in his face for his trouble.  Looked like a pretty clean slide, still kind of nasty, though…but I still don’t imagine that Loretta appreciates a fellow second baseman taking him out.  Payback is a beatch, Ty…and I don’t mean in the form of your getting taken out at second.  Never wake a sleeping giant.

8:40 – No matter…inning over…Tampa Bay up 1-0.  Time to step up, boys.

8:44 – I really don’t think it’s asking too much to have Manny hit another homerun.  Really, I don’t.

8:45 – Or you could line out to left…that works too…

8:46 – Johnny Damon hits a single and Scott Elarton says "No way is Jeter getting number 2001 off of ME…so he walks him.  Not to be outdone, Jason Varitek gets a single.

8:47 – NESN just showed a clip of Manny and Wily Mo in the dugout (not from this game) sitting next to each other and touching heads.  Cuteness is just overwhelming me.  And Mr Double hits into a double play.  How fitting.  Gary Sheffield has two strikes with no outs and the dudes mentioned at 8:46 on base.  Hey, Sheff made an out.  Wow.  Wow…WOW.

8:49 – HGHiambi is up.  Two swinging strikes.  They’re the Royals, Jason, you don’t need to pound one out of the park.

8:51 – 46 pitches in the 5th inning with one mistake.  Regardless of how this game turns out, so far you have to say that Boomah looks good.  Hottie boy, Travis Lee is up…(pardon me, I forgot what I was saying about Wells…)

8:52 – HGHiambi just tied the game with a double.  I hate the Royals.

8:53 – Great.  Freaking great.  Travis Lee just crippled Wells.  Did anyone at least get the ball so Lee doesn’t get an in the park homerun?  Right off the knee.  Sonuvabitch!

8:56 – Man, my heart is just breaking for Wells.  Honestly.  I want to cry.  Guy comes back and pitches great and this happens?  Life is quite unfair sometimes.

9:00 – I’m really sick about Boomah.  He deserves better.  Worked his butt off to get back and pitches really well…it stinks.  Both Kay and my mother called me…Kay is devastated, as I expected and I can’t blame her.  My mother just kept saying "effing ow! effing ow! effing ow!"

9:01 – And Julian Tavares and the boys give Boomah a double play!  Let’s go, guys.  Win it for the Boomer!!! 

9:02 – Yanks are now leading by one.  It must be me…did I tell you all that every team I chose for the NBA playoffs is no longer in the playoffs?  It’s me, I’m telling you.

9:06 – Scott Proctor, er, I mean Paul Bako, comes through.  Yanks/Royals score tied again.

9:07 – Now’s the time to make me shut up Wily Mo.  Good work.  Wily Mo on first with one out…it’s a start…

9:09 – Hey, Alex Gonzalez hits a single!  And up comes Youk!

9:11 – Mike Meyers comes in to give up a single.  Gotta love that.

9:12 – Youk is still up.  3-1, two on one out and Kazmir walks him to load the bases for Mark Loretta.  Let’s go, Low Rider!

9:14 – Well, that suhked.  Let’s hope Papi can get that grand slam I was looking Jjath_1for earlier.

9:15 – A two out, first pitch, bases-clearing double works too!!  BIG PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:18 – 3-1 Sox at the end of the fifth.  Yanks/Royals tied in the bottom of the 7th.

9:26 – "B*tsh*t" Tavares has a 1-2-3 inning.  I tease him, but I have to tell you, I don’t mind him terribly.  Let’s see how long he can keep this up.

9:31 – Mr. Double just  hit his seventh homerun of the year!!!!!!  Tek was on base, so the score is 5-1.  This is his first homerun at Fenway Park as a Red Sox player.  And, imagine that, no curtain call.  😉

9:33 – Holy cow, Travis Lee is a freaking mess tonight!  He  just bumped into Lugo and knocked the ball out of his hand.  Lugo should smack him just for good measure.  Trot’s on first, with no outs, thanks to Hottie Hot Hottie’s error.

9:36 – Wily Mo is up.  Wily Mo is down.

9:37 – Kazmir is out of the game.  Good job, boys, good  job!  Meanwhile, Farnsworth has two on and two out in the 8th.

9:38 – According to Tina Cervasio, Wells has a ‘deep contusion’ to his right knee.  Otherwise known by David Wells as, "The next time I see Travis Lee he’s getting 041019_yankees_hlg_10ph2 a purple nurple!".

9:40 – Kyle Farnsworth…I owe you a beer!  Berroa hits a 3 run homerun!!! 7-4 Royals in the middle of the 8th!  (Oh and AGon just got his second hit off the DRays tonight…2 on with Youk up and 1 out!)

9:43 – Sing it with me:  YOUUUUUUUUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bases loaded with Loretta up and one out.

9:44 – Jeez, Elarton is still pitching for the Royals.  Go, Scottie!  Go, Scottie!!

9:45 – Loretta sacrifices for run number 6.  I’ll take it.  Thank you, Mark.

9:46 – I hate the shift.  I’m just sayin’.

9:47 – Papi grounds out.  Inning over.  End of 6, 6-1 Sox.  Scott Elarton gives up two hits with no outs and Jimmy Gobble is in to pitch to Cano.  Man, I hate the Royals.

9:51 – Well, Jimmy did his job and Julian is doing his.  Meanwhile, Remy is trying to read Tito’s and Jim Rowe’s lips to see what they’re saying about Boomer.

9:52 – And Toby Hall gets a single with one out.  First hit Batsh*t has given up tonight.  S’okay, Julian…time for that double play. 

9:55 – Or you could give up a single to Aubrey Huff.  You know, whatever works for you.  Just don’t step on me.

9:55b – I love this.  Guy has only given up two hits since he’s been in and Nip is already out there. 

9:57 – Okay, so what the heck do I know?  Batsh*t gives up another hit AND a run.  Maybe Al Nipper knows what he’s doing, Cyn, you think?

9:58 – Sox game is now 6-3 (close play at the plate…not close enough)/Yanks game is now 7-5.  Batsh*t is leaving, Foulke is coming in.   Top of the ninth is coming up in New York…

10:00 – Hee.  NESN is playing "Sultans of Swing" and showing the Red Sox clips from tonight.

10:01 – Joey Gathright is up.   He smashes one against the Green Monster.  Lucky for us, Mr. Rollins fell while rounding third (I think I’ve mentioned the Leprechaun from the Boston Garden before…sometimes I think he moved into Fenway Park).

10:03 – Keith Foulke looks less than good tonight.  Go ahead, Keith, prove me wrong.

10:04 – The Royals aren’t exactly trying to add on to this lead they have – they already have two outs in the ninth…Foulke proves me wrong and we’re on to the seventh inning stretch.

10:09 – This is it for the Royals.  Three more outs.  Say it with me, folks, THREE MORE OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:10 – I’m going to vomit if they don’t stop showing Wells getting his knee smacked.  Hey, Mr. Double just hit his 22nd double!!!! (and his third hit of the night!) He leads the league, the guy in second has 17 doubles.  Wa-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bring on another pitcher, thanks.

10:13 – Dave and Jere (and  Mark!) tell me that there is nasty weather in New York and the tarp is on the field.  Typical.  Just typical.  Egads.

Action13_2 10:14 – Trot just knocked Mr. Double in!!!! Sox lead 7-3!!!!!!

10:15 – Wily Mo strikes out to end the 7th inning.  Bronson is calling me.

10:19 – Carl Crawford just hit another homerun.  It’s 7-4.  I can’t tell if they’re booing Crawford or Foulke.  Hope it’s Crawford, fear it’s Foulke.  Rudy Seanez is coming in.  He pitched okay the other night…so why am I suddenly nauseous?

10:22 – Some idiot fan just gave Foulke some jaw and Foulke punched the dugout phone.  I hate some fans, I really do.  Get your ahse out there and do a better job you big mouthed punk with liquid courage.

10:24 – Oh he didn’t punch it, he hit it with his glove.  I know Foulke is a blowhard who gives the fans lip sometimes, but I don’t believe in kicking someone when they’re down – at the very least, not someone on your own team.

10:25 – I wonder how long it will take them to call the  Yankees/Royals game?

10:27 – THREE outs, Rudy.  Each team gets THREE outs per inning.  Don’t get excited.

10:28 – Donnie O says Lou  Pinella is going to do some ‘commenting’ on Fox Sports for National League games.  I’m no big fan of Sweet Lou’s, but the dude knows his baseball and I enjoyed his visits to the booth last post-season.

10:29 – "A gapper" as Donnie says.  Two outs and Toby gets a double.  Who’s that bring up, Aubrey Huff, I believe.  Come one, Rudy, get out of this inning.

10:31 – Good job, Rudy.  7-4 going into the bottom of the 8th…you know what that means, Red Sox fans:

Where it began,

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Who’d have believed you’d come along.

Hands, touchin’ hands
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Sweet Caroline
Good times never seemed so good
I’ve been inclined
To believe they never would
But now I, look at the night
And it don’t seem so lonely
We fill it up with only two.

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Hurtin’ runs off my shoulders
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Sweet Caroline
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Sweet Caroline………

10:35 – AGon has another hit!  3 on the night!  Way to keep your job, Alex!

10:36 – Jonathan Papelbon is warming up.  If the DRays hit Mark Loretta, I’ll have to put the smackdown on someone.

10:37 – Chad, dude, seriously, stay away from the Low Rider…this is your last warning.

10:38 – Loretta walks.  Good enough.  And NESN takes another opportunity to show David Wells hit the ground.  Cut the crappe, NESN.

Rudy 10:40 – Shift, shmift.  Papi knocks in another run!  8-4 with one out.  Papi has 4 rbi!

10:44 – Manny hits into a double play.  We’re heading into the ninth with a four-run lead and it’s still raining (or at least lightning) in New York.

10:46 – Three more outs, three more outs…you can do it, Rudy.

10:47 – Big deal, one hit.  Just setting up the double play, aren’t you, Rudy?  Watch out,  though, Travis Lee is up.  He might try to hit you.

10:49 – "Defensive indifference"????  With a four-run lead and  NO outs???????

10:49b – Okay, ONE out.  But, still!

10:50 – That’s two.  Lefty Grove, Ferguson Jenkins and Luis Tiant all hit 200 wins in a Red Sox uniform (thanks for the info, Donnie O!)…Big Schill goes tomorrow night for his.  My friend Emily will be there – I hope he gets it for her!!!!

10:51 – One more out, Rudy…you can do it.  He’s Julio Lugo, not Manny Ramirez. 

10:52 – 1-2 and Fenway is on their feet for Rudy!!! They should be chanting his name! Don’t these people watch sports movies????

10:53 – Well that isn’t the way to end the game.  Great.  Carl Crawford is up with two on.  Tito is taking Rudy out of the game and bringing in the Wild Thing.  Tito is actually making an intelligent managerial decision!  I hope those cheers are for Rudy as well as Pap…Rudy did some good, he deserves some love.

10:54 – This wouldn’t be happening if the fans had been chanting "Rudy" like I was.

10:57 – 1-2 to Crawford.  Some genius fan in the stands is yelling  "You’re a bum" to the guy who hit two homeruns off our pitchers tonight.

10:58 – Game ovah, baby!  8-4 and Big Papi has a big old smile on his face.

Good game all around with the exception of Boomah’s knee.  Nice solid win…here’s hoping Boomah is okay.

Have a great night, folks – thanks for stopping by!

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