Rainy Days and Mondays

DanjasonkendallWanted to say thanks to my mother for yesterday’s post – and thanks to the folks who responded!  I get a kick out of coming here and seeing her work instead of mine!  (And thanks to Mark for highlighting her on the front page!)

Congratulations to MLBLogs own Danny Haren for pitching a complete game win against the Yankees yesterday! Way to go, Dan!

Since I let mom shine over here yesterday, I blogged over at the Sistahs blog about Nomar.  It was suggested to me that I should re-post it here.  Instead of doing that, I’ll just link to the site. (Give my Sistahs some traffic, hopefully while not repeating myself over here!)  We still haven’t had as many of the Sistahs contribute over there as we’d like, and we’re still working on technical stuff like what format we want for the blog.  But I think if you check it out, you’ll enjoy it (all of it, not just my goofy stuff!).  So go visit the Sistahs and read my take on Nomar.

At this moment, it isn’t raining.  But the sky is gray and I’m sure it’s only a brief respite.  Luckily, the Red Sox are in Baltimore for the next three days and the weather shouldn’t be an issue.

Speaking of Baltimore, congratulations Standingsmay152006to Kevin Millar on getting the game-winning hit yesterday against the Royals!  Way to go, Kevin!

I have this feeling that it’s going to be a long week.  I’m hoping the Red Sox will help make it better than I’m expecting!

And, as you see, I’ve posted the American League East standings, since I haven’t done that in a while.  Interesting to note that with a loss and two rain-outs, the Red Sox are tied for first place, isn’t it?

(Also wanted to add a ‘get better soon’ to the beloved Billy Mueller!!)

Take care, folks.

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