“Retro” Blogging, eh, Mark?

Not quite, since I didn’t really follow the game here online.  But I always appreciate the shout outs.  And it made me laugh.

Took a break from watching game 1 and just went back to it now.  I can’t believe the difference in the weather today between Boston and New York.  The game tonight was called around 2pm.

I still can’t believe the Pirates came back to win this World Series after how sloppily they played this first game.  Thank goodness for Willie Stargell!

I got a ‘shout out’ from Mad Dog Dave on MLB radio last night.  (Thanks, Dave!) Dave has a beautiful speaking voice, and lots of interesting ideas.  It’s a great listen, check it out folks!  Seriously, it’s good stuff.

For the record, if Schilling was proven to use steroids, I’d feel the same way about him that I do about Bonds.  (And I will always dispute that he was asked to testify because he was suspected.)

No game tonight…off for a nice dinner and a relaxing evening listening to the rain!

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