On NESN tonight:

A "Classic" Red Sox game from 1999.

Sox v Twins.  What makes it "classic" are the back to back homeruns Darren Lewis and Jeff Frye hit to win the game in the ninth inning.

Interesting notes:  John "Way Back" Wasdin got the win.  Jason Varitek was wearing number 47.  "Hot Toddy" Todd Walker was playing second for the Twins and the NESN dudes called him " one of the hottest hitters in the American League".  (No argument here!)  Jacque Jones was a rookie who had just come up to the bigs a few days before.  He hit two homeruns off the Sox that night.  One off of Jin Ho Cho, the other off of Derek Lowe.  The Twins used six pitchers, the Red Sox only three.  (Brad Radke started for the Twins…I used to love him…)

I get a kick out of watching these old games.  It’s a nice way to spend an off-night.

A gander at the Yes Network’s schedule says they’re showing Game 3 of the 2003 ALCS.  Gee, weren’t there Yankees fans commenting here about how the Yankees and Yes don’t obsess on the Red Sox by showing old games between the teams the way NESN did this off-season?

I’m not even sure if that is accurate because I saw a commercial on YES saying they were going to show that "Ultimate Rivalry" film, that is now on DVD, tonight.  (Which, incidentally, I bought and watched this weekend.)

Regardless of which they are showing, it’s just more proof that this Yankees/Red Sox ‘obsession’ is NOT as one-sided as some Yankees fans would have you think.

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