Oh No He Didn’t!

I’m going to scream.

Not to step on the toes of Fire Joe Morgan (which, incidentally, you should check out tomorrow as I’m guessing Joe Morgan covering a Giants game will give them much fodder for their blog), but what the he11 is wrong with Joe Morgan?

Could he be a bigger Bonds apologist?  Have I asked this question before?

Here is a sign that was at Citizens Bank Park tonight (actually, I believe it was there all weekend):

"Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer, Aaron did it with class, How did you do it, Barry?"

Jon Miller points out this sign and even says to Joe Morgan, "That was pretty clever".

Joe’s response?  "Yeah, it was.  But what’s interesting is that beer was illegal during Babe’s time, wasn’t it?  Prohibition time…".

I wish to God I made that up.  He then went on to attribute Barry’s current cranky attitude NOT to all the negative attention he’s getting, but to the fact that he’s batting .242.

I think I hate Joe Morgan.

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