The Ex-Marlins Make My Night

Kevinmay52006aOkay, first off, all written accounts of the game last night mention that Kevin Millar got booed after his first hit last night.  While, I, suppose, that was true it isn’t an accurate description of what happened.  The fans were still cheering for him and then he got his first hit and there were some boos (although we didn’t hear them at the game, when I watched the midnight replay you could hear a very small sample of booing).  In my opinion, those boos were of a humorous nature.  You know, "Sure, you get a standing ovation AND a hit?", because Millar got cheered at his EVERY at bat.  It was great to see (and the park was FULL of Millar jerseys and t-shirts).  I’m glad I was there.

How about Mike Lowell?  I told my friend Michael, at the first game we went to this season, he was going to be one of my boys this year.  Man, was he great?  That amazing catch in the first inning, the stolen base, THREE doubles…apparently the reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated!

Pam and I had a wonderful time.  I have some photos that I’ll probably post later.  The only negative on the night was my sitting next to someone eating clam chowder – triggering an allergic reaction from me.  So I type this with my eyes half-closed, trying to fight off the migraine that won’t let go.

Bronson is pitching tonight – I’ll have to be switching between the Reds and the Red Sox tonight.  Hope it’s a great night of baseball all around!

(Okay, one picture I did get to upload last night – one of Mr. Millar!)

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