What I missed…

…while doing some much-enjoyed bonding with some folks from work last night:

  • Matt Clement gave up only two hits over six innings
  • Kevin Youkilis hit a two-run homer over the Green Monster
  • The first time the Faithful broke out the "Pap-el-bon" chant (they must all be too young to remember the "Jon-a-THAN" chant that I suggested last season)
  • Mark Loretta getting two hits (Kay must be spreading the Lowell-love) – speaking of which;
  • Mike Lowell racking up two more doubles
  • Rudy Seanez and Julian Tavarez stinking up the place
  • Jonathan Papelbon scaring the bejesus out of everyone by stumbling on the mound – and then reaffirming everyone’s faith in him by getting his 11th save of the season
  • Did I mention Matt Clement and that whole ‘2-hit’ thing?
  • Oh yes…and a Red Sox win over the Blue Jays

Maybe I should miss watching games more often?

Won’t happen tonight, though,  I’ll be at the game with Pam…and it promises to be a beautiful night and a great game.  Plus, we get to annoy the people who didn’t think we should boo Johnny, by giving Kevin Millar a rousing standing ovation.  Should be a fun night.

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