The Face of Sadness

Sademmay22006_1This is Emily.  Emily is my friend and co-worker and she was literally bouncing around the office yesterday because she was so excited about going to the game.  (We even had to make a pit stop at her house so she could ‘gear’ up!)

Emily has never been to a Yankees/Red Sox game at Fenway May22006_1Park.  Unfortunately, she still hasn’t. 

It was cold and rainy but we held out hope they could play.  I guess it’s better for both teams that they didn’t.  We wouldn’t want any Dustin Hermanson repeats. 

(Incidentally, I was supposed to be Mayinmassatfen at the game when Hermanson slipped off the mound and ended up giving the tickets to a family friend and his son so the son could meet some of the Sox at the entrances!)

There’s a good chance tonight’s Blue Jays/Sox game will be called as well.  Ah, May in Massachusetts!

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