Bronson the ad-man

Bronad_1 Bronson is pitching today – at 1pm est!  So I’ll have gameday in the background while I work!  He’s going for his fourth win today.  Good luck, Bronson!

I saw this ad in ESPN the Magazine and then saw it online when looking up (of all people) Dmitri Young.  I’m torn.  Hey, good for Bronson for making all the money he can, you know?  But GNC?  That just makes me nervous.  I don’t think athletes should be ‘the face’ of performance enhancers…even if they are ‘legal’.  Just makes me uncomfortable.

Oh well…as long as he wins today…

(Edited to add:  I totally missed his name on this ad…I need a vacation.)

I guess Bronson has arrived!

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