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I’m up early (for me) on a Saturday with plans to spend the day indoors cleaning (something that really needs to be done!) with baseball on the tv…so for now I’m just stalling, looking around MLBLogs and reading what folks have to say.  And I was pulled toward MC Hammer’s blog yet again.  (Here’s a shout out to those who keep asking me to write about Barry Bonds!)

I won’t go into his stance on Barry Bonds, but what I would like to direct you all toward is a comment someone named Jeremy left on one of Hammer’s entries.  (Is Jeremy an MLBlogger?  Does anyone know?)  It’s probably the best written piece I’ve seen on this subject yet.

You can find it here, just scroll down through the comments, it’s the second one.  I’m going to quote the last paragraph (and if you’re reading this, Jeremy, and want me to take it down, I will gladly delete this entry).

"To sum up, there is a portion of the population that hate Bonds because of his color, but that is hardly the dominant effect. The desire for a level playing field, the need to keep the record book intact, the probably violation of federal laws all figure into the equation."

Visit Hammer’s blog to read the rest of Jeremy’s view.  I honestly couldn’t have written it better.

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