Danny Haren

I’m not a big fan of pimping other people’s blogs all that often…I’m just not pushy enough I guess.  I have a link list and hope that folks go visit the blogs I list because I enjoy them and want others to as well…but I don’t usually write about other blogs.  I’m making yet another exception just to say…

Danny Haren is as cute as a little bug.

I don’t even mean ‘cute’ as in ‘woo-hoo that guy is a hottie’; I mean ‘cute’ as in ‘if I ever met him I’d just have to pinch his cheeks!’.  He comes across as being a little sweetie in his blog.  (Oh, I’m sure he’d love to hear THAT.  "The old lady Red Sox fan thinks I’m ‘a little sweetie’.  Greaaat.")

Reading about him and "Lost" just puts a smile on my face.  Maybe it will for you too.

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