Could ESPN be bigger pimps?

I’m only watching Baseball Tonight because they better be showing Adam Stern’s catch…they have a segment on Barry Bonds’ best 20 moments in 20 years.

Some day ESPN will be revealed for the piece of garbage they all are over there.

Lets see…two Yankees homers on ‘Touch ‘Em All’, even though they lost…how many Red Sox on "Web Gems"?  Well, if the teaser is any indication, there’s a Yankees web gem in there…AND A Devil Rays gem…okay, killing time until they come back to show me  no Red Sox in the Web Gems…

Troy Glaus went 3-4 today – yay for him!

Russell Branyan

Juan Castro

Grady Sizemore  (I don’t get the Grady-love from the ladies…)

Adam Stern is number two…Johnny Damon is number one…are you kidding me?  Damon over Stern?  The Yankees lost…ah well, tell me again there’s no Yankees bias in Bristol.

Sox won, that’s all that really matters.  🙂

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