Rejoice, Mets – er, Orioles fans!

Captflck10503302129reds_red_sox_spring_t Was it "irretrievably broken" when Kris was traded from New York to Baltimore?  Is this what would have happened if Johnny didn’t sign with the Yankees?  And when are the soon-to-be former Mrs Benson and the eventually-to-be former Mrs Damon going to get their own reality show?

Good God in Heaven, I really need some meaningful baseball!

Julian Tavarez got a well-deserved 10-day suspension today

And Bronson kicked some Red Sox butt!  (Good for him!  Even though I didn’t get to see it.  I’m not worried about the Sox losing this one…let’s call it a gift to get Bronson’s confidence back!  Yeah, that works for me!)

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