Is this possible?

Brosonreds There is no video of the Tavarez/Gathright fight?

Over at Surviving Grady yesterday, I posed the question ‘isn’t it possible there is no video footage’ and many folks responded with answers about how MLB shoots ALL the games, even if they’re spring training games.  Someone pointed out to me that NESN had footage of some of the game, as they showed it during the "Sports Desk" show. 

Some folks were saying that the Red Sox were just holding the footage back and others thought maybe MLB had the only footage so they could review what happened.  But according to the article I linked above:

It may be that no video exists. NESN is televising only seven games in Florida this spring, and Monday’s game was not one of the seven.

Which was basically my position yesterday over at SG.

No mention of any kind of conspiracy by the Red Sox to withhold the video.  (Which never made sense to me anyway.  Plenty of media folks saw and reported on the incident.  Tavarez admitted to it and there are plenty of pictures of it…I never saw the need for the Red Sox to not allow the video to be shown.)

The Boston Globe usually likes nothing more than to jump on an opportunity to bash the Sox…so I’m thinking maybe this is exactly as it looks, and there really is no videotaped footage to be shown.

Regardless, I think Bob Watson needs to suspend a player or two, starting with Tavarez.

A Bronson note from that linked article as well…he’ll be starting against the Red Sox on Thursday at City of Palms Park.  I suspect the fans will give him quite an ovation.

”Thursday’s going to be beautiful," Arroyo said before last night’s Sox-Reds game. ”It’s my last start before the regular season, so I know I’m going to be more jacked up for this game than for any other game."

Good luck, Bronson.  I still hope the Red Sox win, but I hope you pitch well too!

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