A Reminder

Bronhead2006 So today I’m still wearing ‘The Jacket’ because, even though it’s the first day of Spring, it’s 29 degrees out!

And, as usual, I’m approached by someone asking me where I got it and how much it cost.  Except, this time it’s an older guy, probably in his early 80s.

I tell him and he says to me, unsmiling, ‘greatest comeback in baseball history’.  I smile at him and say ‘sure was’ and I notice he has tears in his eyes.  "I waited my whole life for that," he says to me, "everything else, now, is just gravy".  He wipes his eyes, waves to me and walks away.

Now…in my profile here on MLBlogs I wrote that very same line the day I started this blog.  So I get on my bus and I too have tears in my eyes.  I’m a big softie that way.  And all the way into work I think about Bronson…and Theo.

I’ll miss Bronson terribly…and I hope he’s all right with all this and that he has an amazing year in Cincinnati..but I have always maintained to others that I believe Theo was truly the main reason the Sox won it all in 2004…he put the team together that did it and he had the courage to make the moves that would make him unpopular for the good of the team.

I have to remember that now.

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