Round Two

Not much time to write this morning, I just wanted to note that Mark Newman was right (hi Mark!) and I am continually surprised at how much I am enjoying the WBC – I only wish more games were on, oh when people are home to watch them and not when they are at work.  (For example, the USA is playing at 10pm EST tonight, but since I don’t have ESPN Deportes, I won’t be able to watch it until 1am – plus all those 4pm EST games last week!)

Yesterday’s Japan/USA game was a great one (although the Japanese might not agree) and it has been really exciting seeing these guys REALLY care about these games.  I’m just so happy for ‘real’ baseball I guess.

And (the reason I really don’t have time to write right now) I stayed up nice and late watching the Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico game and surprised myself by rooting for the Puerto Ricans!  (I love Big Papi, but I really was cheering for Alex Cora et al!)

So, if you aren’t watching the WBC (and it isn’t because of the bad timing of it!) check it out – it’s a blast.  🙂

(I still can’t wait for the regular season, though, when I don’t have to be happy that Slappy got a hit!)

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