Manny + Pedro = No WBC

So the Red Sox are saying Manny won’t play in the WBC.  Good.  No offense to Mark and everyone else who loves the idea of this "Classic", but this makes me very happy. 

It’s tough enough dealing with all the "Manny moments" that we get, but it would absolutely stink to be watching the WBC and see Manny running like fire around the bases, sliding into a base and busting up his hand.  Or any other scenario you can imagine Manny getting himself into.  (Running like fire, you understand, because he usually doesn’t do that in a regular season game, but I imagine he’d feel some responsibility to do it for his country – maybe I’m wrong.)

And Pedro is out, at least for the first round.  That has to make Mets fans happy.

Good for Pedro for realizing it is more important to get healthy for his team than it is to play in the WBC.  I’m a little surprised at him, but pleasantly so.

One last, un-related, note.  George Steinbrenner has officially gone from a once intimidating figure to dottering old man. The "We’re going to win it this year" quote aside (Because he then followed that with "we’re going after it".  Congratulations, George, you must have the only team in MLB that wants to win a World Series) the man is just acting freaky

As the manager talked, Steinbrenner fiddled with a paper clip and peered curiously at each reporter who asked a question. He also seemed interested in playing the role of class cut-up; at one point, Torre was asked about how Damon nearly came to the Bronx during the same winter that his good friend and former A’s teammate Jason Giambi signed his seven-year, $120 million contract with the Yanks.

"(Giambi) took all of the money so we couldn’t do anything," Torre joked, only to have Steinbrenner pipe up, "You got some, didn’t you?" as everyone laughed and Torre responded, "Thank you sir."

At another point, Torre was asked if he had been able to sit down and have an extended chat with Damon yet.

"I haven’t had a chance sit down and really to talk to anybody," Torre began. "I’ve talked to …"

"Me!" Steinbrenner piped up.

"Yeah, Mr. Steinbrenner," Torre continued with another chuckle. "That’s always nerve-wracking."

ArroyobeckettclementWeeellll…okay, then,  Mr. Steinbrenner.

Maybe Johnny Damon’s "idiotness" has rubbed off on him?

And now…pitching beefcake!

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