A Good Night’s Sleep!

I was so happy and relaxed last night, that I fell asleep at 11pm…amazing for me since my usual time is around 2am.  So, now, at almost 5am, I’m wide awake and feeling great.Theolooks

Based on some comments here and some emails folks have sent, lots of people (mostly NON-Red Sox fans) just don’t get why Red Sox Nation is so happy to have Theo back.  That’s all right.  Most other fans didn’t understand why we were so devastated when he left. 

Suddenly, you can feel "it" again.  There is hope in the air…hope that drifted away back on Halloween.  A lot of us truly believed in the mantra  "In Theo We Trust" and for a couple of months now, we didn’t know WHO to trust (thanks for that, Kay!) and now…well, as soon as they officially explain his position, it will be easier to trust the team as a whole…but just knowing he’ll be on Yawkey Way this season makes the outlook for 2006 a whole lot brighter.

Welcome back, Theo!

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